Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaser - Master Jedi Luke Skywalker...and others

Here is a teaser of Jedi Master Luke as seen during the Seige of Rychel...the official release will be on Halloween..and hopefully will include a finished Vong Warrior - the first in a series.

I am still working on the four Republic troops that are to accompany Luke but they may take a bit longer to complete than I would have hoped.

Another piece that deserves a teaser is Furlag - the Bounty hunter from Shadows of the Empire that met his demise in the hands of Boba Fett. His head is complete - I began painting the body this week...would have been a great Halloween release but I'm afraid he'll be a little late to the party.

I finally began working on some characters from The Force Unleashed storyline. The image above is a partially painted sculpt of a "concept" version of Starkiller - which means it's the version that failed to capture the actors likeness LOL! It's close, but the mouth and jaw are way off. So, it has graduated to the concept version of the character - I am in the process of sculpting the "actors likeness" version - not so easy when working in 1:18th scale.

The figure will appear in the outfit seen in the trailers...and possibly one or two more versions - love the imperial flight suit. Some other Force unleashed figures I am considering...

Juno (Republic Captain).

Starkiller Sith Cyborg.

Sith Starkiller from the Ultimate Sith edition.

Imperial Riot Trooper (x 2) - They always come in pairs. sure which version I will go with yet.

And that's all for now Folks. As always you can see many more images of my works in progress on my Flickr photostream.

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I will have some finished pieces to show you next posting - have a good one!

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Road Warrior said...

Wow! Can't wait to see these completed. Furlag looks REAL. Keep em coming Dayton.