Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cool Hand "Jedi Master" Luke...and SW Insider 121

Happy Halloween to all!

Have some news about my artwork being published in the new Star Wars Insider! First though, lets get to the main event - Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: Seige of Rychel - Invasion.

My completed Jedi Master Luke Skywalker as seen in issue #3 of Star Wars Invasion by Dark Horse Comics. Luke is in command of Republic forces sent to the planet Rychel in order to repel the invading forces of the Yuuzhan Vong.

The figure was mostly sculpted in Aves Epoxy FIXIT sculpt using a plastic articulated armature. The forearms and hands have been recasted from original parts. The head originalted from a Legacy Snowspeeder Luke figure, casted in wax and completly retooled and refined adding additional markings to the face, age lines, a lower brow, hair and ears...I also strengthened the jaw. The figure measures 3.75" in height. Painted using Floyquil Acrylics by testors.

Alright guys - I took like 53 photos of this guy so head on over to my Flickr photostream for Jedi Luke overload!!!

Want to give a shout out and special THANK YOU to Bonnie Burton and all of those involved with having my work published in the latest issue of Star Wars Insider 121.

I am humbled and very thankfull for consideration of my work in your publication and am thrilled at the outcome. I hope this will not be the last?.....hee hee :)

By the way, Titan publishing will be happy...I've purchased 12 copies plus the variant covers LOL! - Hey, it's not everyday your art is published in a lucasfilm orinented publication!!

A few more Works in Progress news..

- The Vong Warrior will not be making a showing till next week...just couldnt get the work done fast expect seeing Luke here make another appearance becasue I planned to have the Vong go one-on-one with him in my photography :)

-Zayne, Furlag and Jennir will all be making appearances soon. They are almost complete.

I have three more pieces nearing completion soon...

From Star Wars Legacy - Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao

and from Star Wars Republic - Jedi Sian Jeisel

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Alright guys - Have a great Halloween once again and get to be's a school night!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaser - Master Jedi Luke Skywalker...and others

Here is a teaser of Jedi Master Luke as seen during the Seige of Rychel...the official release will be on Halloween..and hopefully will include a finished Vong Warrior - the first in a series.

I am still working on the four Republic troops that are to accompany Luke but they may take a bit longer to complete than I would have hoped.

Another piece that deserves a teaser is Furlag - the Bounty hunter from Shadows of the Empire that met his demise in the hands of Boba Fett. His head is complete - I began painting the body this week...would have been a great Halloween release but I'm afraid he'll be a little late to the party.

I finally began working on some characters from The Force Unleashed storyline. The image above is a partially painted sculpt of a "concept" version of Starkiller - which means it's the version that failed to capture the actors likeness LOL! It's close, but the mouth and jaw are way off. So, it has graduated to the concept version of the character - I am in the process of sculpting the "actors likeness" version - not so easy when working in 1:18th scale.

The figure will appear in the outfit seen in the trailers...and possibly one or two more versions - love the imperial flight suit. Some other Force unleashed figures I am considering...

Juno (Republic Captain).

Starkiller Sith Cyborg.

Sith Starkiller from the Ultimate Sith edition.

Imperial Riot Trooper (x 2) - They always come in pairs. sure which version I will go with yet.

And that's all for now Folks. As always you can see many more images of my works in progress on my Flickr photostream.

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I will have some finished pieces to show you next posting - have a good one!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Invasion Teaser...

...actually its a tease of my upcoming Yuuzhan Vong Warrior which is in the process of being painted.

Took the photo using Hipstamatic on my iPhone - it would make a cool poster :)

Just a bit of an update - working on all five figures listed in the last entry. A little here a little you can see in the image above, I've made some progress. Should have two of the five completed by the weekend.

I've place a few more WIP image on my FLICKR photostream if you like to drop by and have a look. A couple of Zayne and another of H2 - just a few teasers...nothing to write home about.

Alright - back to work! More udpates coming soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time to get wet...

...for the figures below, this will be the last time you see then naked...without their paint that is :)

I will be setting aside the sculpting tools for the moment and focus on nothing but painting up several finished pieces...the following figures are facing the brush this week...


Still working on a robe for him, as well as a few additional accessories but nothing that should delay the paint application.


Some of you know that I have already painted the headsculpts of both Dass with and without his hat...I've just went back and included the originals in the shot for effect...nothing more. H2 is complete, but will have to stay behind the curtain till Dass is finished.


Again, I've already completed a painted headsculpt...but will do another one because I have a second Zayne piece in the works that can sport the same head with possibly a different hair style...


Time to get this bad boy painted up - I've been looking forward to it too. The eyes will be the biggest challenge!


Finally a finished Vong to paint up! I will be using the color schemes found in the Invasion comics. I hope to retain much of the detail I have placed into the scupt so expect plenty of dry brushing and multiple thin layers.

So I'm ready to get rollin'!....but wait, I already have!

Last night was PRIME TIME...and no I don't mean the great Deion Sanders. Last night I washed and primed the figures shown with a few layers of Floyquil Undercoat Gray...I always prime my figures.

Note that I washed the figures first...if your a novice to painting, always remember to wash the pieces you are about to apply paint to. Leftover oils or releasing agents may still be attached to your sculpt and not allow paint to adhere...leaving a "balding" area where paint easily strips away. You don't want this...

Alright - That's it for now. You can see many more images of the pre-painted figures I have shown on my Flickr photostream. Check out my Facebook page (look to the right) for any short but sweet work in progress postings I may make while working..I may have some tips to share :)
Hopefully will have some finished pieces to show you next posting - have a good one!