Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cool Hand "Jedi Master" Luke...and SW Insider 121

Happy Halloween to all!

Have some news about my artwork being published in the new Star Wars Insider! First though, lets get to the main event - Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: Seige of Rychel - Invasion.

My completed Jedi Master Luke Skywalker as seen in issue #3 of Star Wars Invasion by Dark Horse Comics. Luke is in command of Republic forces sent to the planet Rychel in order to repel the invading forces of the Yuuzhan Vong.

The figure was mostly sculpted in Aves Epoxy FIXIT sculpt using a plastic articulated armature. The forearms and hands have been recasted from original parts. The head originalted from a Legacy Snowspeeder Luke figure, casted in wax and completly retooled and refined adding additional markings to the face, age lines, a lower brow, hair and ears...I also strengthened the jaw. The figure measures 3.75" in height. Painted using Floyquil Acrylics by testors.

Alright guys - I took like 53 photos of this guy so head on over to my Flickr photostream for Jedi Luke overload!!!

Want to give a shout out and special THANK YOU to Bonnie Burton and all of those involved with having my work published in the latest issue of Star Wars Insider 121.

I am humbled and very thankfull for consideration of my work in your publication and am thrilled at the outcome. I hope this will not be the last?.....hee hee :)

By the way, Titan publishing will be happy...I've purchased 12 copies plus the variant covers LOL! - Hey, it's not everyday your art is published in a lucasfilm orinented publication!!

A few more Works in Progress news..

- The Vong Warrior will not be making a showing till next week...just couldnt get the work done fast expect seeing Luke here make another appearance becasue I planned to have the Vong go one-on-one with him in my photography :)

-Zayne, Furlag and Jennir will all be making appearances soon. They are almost complete.

I have three more pieces nearing completion soon...

From Star Wars Legacy - Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao

and from Star Wars Republic - Jedi Sian Jeisel

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Alright guys - Have a great Halloween once again and get to be's a school night!


Road Warrior said...

First off congrats!!! And secondly- AWESOME work, once again you blow us all away. Looking forward to more as always.

Dayton, do you plan any more "old school" Star Wars figures like Screed in the future?

Ryan said...

Love your work!

Customs for the Kid said...

I never buy Stars Wars Insider, but I think you just gave me a reason to pick up a copy :)Congratulations!!

Sith_fire30 said...

Road Warrior - Thanks! YES! I have plans on returning to the original Marvel comics from years ago and create a set of figures :) Also want to revise Screed - version 2.0

Eric LeFeber said...

Love him. Luke "Unleashed" indeed!

Alex Johnson said...

Congratulations on getting your work published in Insider! I opened it up yesterday and was really surprised! Keep up the awesome work!

Road Warrior said...

Now THAT will be a think so see. Looking forward to it Dayton. BTW Screed 1.0 kicks ass all the same.

Chris said...

Just picked up the issue last night. Great seeing your work in there, and certainly motivating! Congratulations, and I hope to see your work on store shelves soon ... Especially since you won't sell me a cast of that damn fine helmet you made for Gree's troops! ;D>

Being selfish as I am, I hereby petition Hasbro to make your first job correcting that figure!

Julian said...

Perfection. There is nothing else that describes your work.
I hope you will allow a personal comment, and I want to remark "personal" which means nothing to lessen the quality of your customs figures and sculpts:
-The legs. For my taste they are a little, a tad, in the bulky side.
I noticed this in several of your sculpts.
But I guess there is a reason for that?
Again, please understand that my comment is only regarding my own personal taste and opinion.

Sith_fire30 said...

Thank you guys for the positive vibes! I appreciate it! It's a thrill to get some of my work published - hope that it will happen again!

Julian -Thanks for your critique - I understand what you mean. Maybe it's a thing I have for baggie pants, I don't know LOL! I'll keep it in mind as I move forward - Thanks!!!

Kisho Meteora said...

That looks totally amazing, well done!

Goggled Hero said...

Dude! I'm dyeing for Hasbro to contact you and produce this Luke figure! I love the New Republic Shock troops as well. All of the work I've seen actually is really impressive. Keep it up.