Monday, February 22, 2010

Needing To Find A Balance....

...between sculpting and painting because at the moment, I have sculpt work on the table working and finished pieces to be painted sitting up on the shelf...which isn't good. I need to find that balance, but sometimes I get so into the sculpt that the thought of switching gears just isn't an option. It really needs to be though...I'm almost finished with a few more pieces then I will be back with brush in hand ready to bring some of these mini stone figures to life!! LOL!

A word on commissions - I've been getting e-mails asking if I currently or will be doing commission work in the future. Well, for the exception of a few, I am not currently into the commission work at this time. That can all change though...I love to get the requests and I want to make the most of the ideas but with my schedule the way it is and other responsibilities, the time line that would take to complete some of these pieces would be unrealistic and not fair to the client paying for the piece. I will let everyone know when I plan on taking commission work - for those that have sent requests, I've saved your e-mails/pms and will contact all of you first to see who may still be interested.

Below are some updated WIP images of what I have on the workbench presently...

Zayne Carrick - this will be my third custom (and possible final) of this character -sporting his updated threads. The length of the robed garment that drapes around his waist is shorter to allow some limited articulation in the legs - I thought of soft goods...and it's still a possibility...but Zayne wasn't the definition of "Action" hero so to speak...and for him to have super articulation would be somewhat of an, I'm able to capture the folds of the garnment around the body and under the belt more true with the clay that with the material.. as well as the small decorative seams that I simply could not get with material. Now I know why McFarlane limits articulation for the sake of the sculpt...still though, Zayne will be able to stretch his legs a bit LOL! I don't know - I'd really like to see him sitting on a speeder bike...we'll see.

Edessa (Jarael) will again be my third custom of this character but not the last - she will be sporting her new outfit. I really dug her "jedi" outfit in the last two issues of KOTOR so look to that sculpt to surface on the horizon soon.

Nyna Calixte (as Morrigan Corde) from Legacy...

I'd say she's the first MILF in the Star Wars universe - and I think Jeriah Syn would agree. The challenge is to make the figure strong and attractive while still showing age - she's got it where is counts, that's for sure but she's older and more battle-hardened which sets her apart from someone like Deliah Blue. Nyna Calixte herself will follow up after this sculpt is complete.

Furlag from Shadows of the Empire...didn't see this one coming did ya LOL! Neither did I - Just looking through several refference pages and found him to be very interesting...he must have been a pretty good Bounty Hunter to hand with the likes of Boba and 4LOM right?...just not as smart...

Below are some updates to my New Republic Shocktroopers. These guys are fun to sculpt - should have 4 complete troopers when all is said and done...similar to Delta Squad in some aspects - I plan on injecting a little creative license with these guys, creating additional pilots and "special ops" groups. Gotta be hardcore to take on the Yuuzhan Vong right?!

Some shots of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker with some of his crew - the pics below show an optical illusion of one trooper being shorter than the other...which is not is just farther away from the lens than the other, creating an offset and allowing them to appear different sizes. In reality, all are the same size - just wanted to make that clear :)

So there ya go - a little of what I have going on right now. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. I know that I probably said that more finished pieces would be featured on my next update but I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself - when I get bit by the sculpting bug, look out! LOL!

There will be a finished pieces posted soon - till then Take care and check out my photostream on FLICKR at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where It All Begins....

I've been asked many times what are the base figures I use for my sculpts - the "skeletons" I use to sculpt on. Below are some images of some of my upcoming customs, very early WIP figures - some of which a character has not yet been determined...kinda looks like a madman's mannequin shop doesn't it. The images represent the early stages of my creative process...obtaining the correct skeletal structure for the charatcer I am attempting to create. As far as which existing figures I choose, I don't have specifics, but some favorites come to mind...

For females, I am currently using the GIJOE movie figures of Scarlett and the Baroness. Both figures are well made and the plastics are much stroger and more dense than that of the Star Wars and Marvel series figures...especially around the arms and shoulders where I like to dremel down as thin as possible. If you consider the entire figure being resculpted, I need to have a strong structure to hold the FIXIT and allow the skeleton to take the stress of the articulated movement...a softer plastic would give, making the FIXIT surface stressed and easily cracked over time.
For male figures, again the GIJOE movie figures tend to make the best skeletal frames - although the one thing I don'tlike about the GIJOE figures are the lack of ball jointed knees. Not a problem though - I will sometimes remove the JOE legs just above the knee and add ball jointed lower legs from an existing figure - When working with male figures, Evolutions Darth Bane has great legs!! LOL!

Another item I am finding usefull is the hip articulation used on the VOTC Luke and Medical Frigate Luke Skywalker. As you can see with my custom above, I have carfully removed the hip portion of the VOTC Luke and have added it to the skeletal frame. I will soon dremel down the original details before sculpting.
So now you know a bit of what goes into the early stages of the figures I create - it's probably the least fun stage of the custom process...which is why I sometimes take a full day just preping figures...multiple ones, just to have ready and get the dremeling out of the way (and clean up the massive mess if leaves behind).
Now for the fun part - sculpting!! Which is what I'm doing creating yet another Vong soldier seen below. Taken from the pages of Star Wars Invasion - these Vong soldiers guard the waters of Artorias in the midst of vongforming.
More pics will be available soon on my photostream, so check in from time to time for updates :)
I will be sure not to let so much time pass till my next update - Take care till later!