Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hasbro Booth and Kerr Ultra Waxer...

Finally!!! It took a few weeks but I've finally fully recovered from Celebration V and it was a blast! Got to meet up with and old friend and his son (which I haven't seen in twelve years) and had a great time geeking out to Star Wars for 4 days. Hope to go to the next one - so much to see you need to attend a couple of them to experience it all!! LOL!

One of the highlights was visiting the Hasbro booth and getting the opportunity to speak with David Vennemeyer, their head sculptor. It was fantastic to see him at work, and witness the process he uses to create. The photos below are from and

By the way, I've got to get me one onf those "head stands"! LOL!

So, after taking it all in and picking my jaw off the floor (LOL! ) I took advantage of the little time I had with him and explained what I do and the process I take to create my pieces...first thing he asked was why I was still taking the long road when creating my sculpted work- basically why I was working in FIXIT when I could just work in wax and create my castings from that. With all the work I do I should be working almost exclusively in wax.

Honestly, FIXIT sculpting is a process that I've enjoyed and something that has worked for me - I've used wax on a regular basis when refining my work, but I've never used it as the primary sculpting medium. I agree though that I should begin working much more with wax...get a feel for the material and the wax carver (which I scored a new one recently -sweet). I'm not a stranger with working in wax, but I guess FIXIT has spoiled me a little...I still feel though, with my current work, instead of exclusively working with wax, that I continue my familiar process and simply add more refining options using wax.

After speaking with Dave and learning much about the creative process that goes on at Hasbro, I asked about the freelance process and how it works...suffice to say, I am very interested...and a reason all the more that I am fitting wax work back into my daily routine. Also I am working a bit more with 3/D design...especially in Zbrush and Maya...I've worked with Zbrush before, just not on a regular basis. Seems the industry is working more and more with these programs...just hope they don't leave us sculptors in the dust! :)

It was great talking to Dave and getting a sneak peak into the work that is going on at Hasbro!

As I said earlier, I recieved my new wax carver yesterday, the Kerr Ulrta Waxer with foot pedal control...and can I tell you, the foot pedal is awesome! It gives you so much more temperature control - it's insane! If you plan to invest in one of these waxers, get the foot pedal accessory. Also the hand grip is much more comfortable...I was cramping up using my old one!

The Kerr is more expensive than the competition, but it's a good investment in my opinion.

Finally my apologies for the lack of updates over the past several weeks - ever since Celebration, it's been one thing or the next...the house went through some rennovation, my grandfather passed away and my daily workload has become more's been rough but all is well and things are getting back to an even flow.

As well as working on various Star Wars characters, I am getting back to work on the Metal Gear line as well as working on some Gundam models that have been staring back in the face for I've got much to do and many updates to post in the furture. Thank you all for your continued interest - the next post will be an update on my Star Wars work - Need to get Dass Jennir finalized as well as some Vong from Invasion.

As always, any comments and suggestions you may have - please e-mail me or post a comment.

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