Monday, July 6, 2009

New Scale, New Challenges - Terminator Salvation T-600 Endoskeleton

I've always intended to work on larger scale custom's been several years now but nothing had struck my interest enough to go forward...that is until I witnessed this massive beast of machinery that was introduced at last years comic con for the movie Terminator Salavtion. Now say what you will about the movie - plot holes, corney ending, whatever - you have to admit, this machine rocked! The machine I'm speaking of is the T-600 endoskeleton - and after about a month of work invested into this custom piece, I am asking myself....WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! This is no custom picnic! This guy will probably be the most challenging piece I have ever worked on...but challenging is the magic word and is the reason why I am very enthusiastic about completing not one, but two of these massive machines.

The figure will be inscale to that of the NECA T800/Terminator 2 figures recently released. Actually, I am using a dismantled NECA T-800 as the base work for the figure - casting each piece then manipulating the parts to fit the size and framework of the T-600 which, when finished, should be roughly 1.5" taller than the T-800 endoskeleton figure....and much more massive. I will be casting each new piece created for the T-600 in order to create a second...or even thrid version of the machine.

The first set of images below is work in progress of the T-600 Skull - Sculpted in Aves FIXIT, it is definately a must for using a magnifier! Want your eyes to cross, try doing this work without one LOL !

Now onto the torso - Each piece is being resized and resculpted so it's a major undertaking! Pictured below is the WIP of the skull, neck and torso. I hope when I complete the neck and make a cast from it, I will be able to segment the pieces and create a "bendy" spinal column leading from the skull to the torso :) The chest plate and back still have a lot of work to be done. Then will come the arms and legs...that's a while off.

Finally a shot of the finished T-600 skull primed with a dark gray acrylic paint. I'll probably finish the paint application to the skull before moving on with the torso. Hope you enjoy the pics!
As always - More images of the above T-600 WIP can be seen on my Flikr Photostream at