Saturday, June 6, 2009

Works in Progress...Part 2

Hey guys! Sorry for taking a bit more time than expected for my next update - Anyway I have more WIP images to present to you, starting with a few female sculpts that I have been working on now for the last month or so...all characters from the Star Wars Universe of course...

Jedi Aayla Secura, Jedi Sian Jeisel and Mika, a farghul bounty hunter

The female form is definately the most difficult to sculpt - you have to find a balance for everything...proportion is the key. Legs can be too long, breasts can be too big (wa wa wi wa!) or the body can resemble that of a "thin man" than that of a full figured woman. I'm still learning and I feel I've gained much knowledge since my first female custom - I use to avoid working on female forms...not anymore! :)

More pics of the ladies featured above can be found in my WIP set at

Next, the Dark Times.....

Dass Jennir and h2 from Star Wars Dark Times comic

Once I saw the cover to Dark Times Issue 13 (seen above) with Jennir riding into port looking mysterious and determined, I was inspired....and sometimes an image is all that is needed to get me moving on my next custom....above you see some early WIP stages of these characters...below are more recent images of their progress....

H2's torso was created using a clear top from the cap of salon spray for the base, then sculpting an attaching details where needed. The front plate isn't sculpted, but is a dremeld down piece from the many "Build-A-Droid" parts I have laying around, then heated so that it would fit the smaller curved surface of the torso H2 possesses The body's diameter had to be smaller than that of a usuall astromech the insides are hollow which makes the sculpt lighter and gives the ability to create the working navigational fins and allows for a connection to a clear acrylic stand so that H2 may appear to be hovering about.

More pics of Jennir and his unfavored companion can be found in my WIP set at

This Blog entry is going to become a mile long so let me wrap up with letting you know that I will be featuring some NON-STAR WARS customs on my next update...including my first 7" scale custom!
Hope you guys enjoyed the pics - much more can be found at my WIP set over at Flickr - the link is above.
Talk to ya later!