Thursday, December 24, 2009

Final post for 2009 - What's in store for the New Year!

Happy Holidays guys! Hope you all have a blessed New Year!

Completed my second space suit custom...and even though it isn't 100% accurate from the comic depiction, I am satisfied that I got close :) Sometimes accuracy isn't everything...and that says a lot coming from me, Mr. Detail. LOL!

This is a custom of the character Jarael from the KOTOR comic series produced by Dark Horse. This version features the character in one of the many space suits found in the comic series...the canopy is from a bubblegum capsule with some sculpt work placed over portions. The helmet is removable, as well as the enviro pack and head...seen in the below images. I am in the process of finishing Zayne Carrick's space suit which will join Jarael in a diorama I'm also working on.

I had some fun with photoshop, creating a starfield in which the custom appears to be shot in. The debris you see on the rim of the glass canopy is intentional - wanted to show that this suit is aged, used and possible unkept over the years...similar to the tech style Star Wars is famous for.

More pics of Jarael's space suit can be found on my photostream,

as well as my custom Aayla Secura, shown below...I you haven't seen these yet, I hope you enjoy :)

Now a couple teaser images....first is Jedi Sian Jeisel from Star Wars Republic - Her sculpt is complete, but need to find time to paint her. More updates in early 2010.

Below is a sculpt I am working on of a character in the Star Wars Invasion series by Dark Horse - the New Republic Shock Troops that assist Jedi Master Luke Skywalker when confronting the Vong armies. I will be creating 4 of these troopers - each with a unique weapon and hopefully switch out armor (for battle damage). Each will have a positional visor as seen in the comic. Much more to come!

By the way, I will be featured in my first ever customizing interview on early in the new year - I will let you know more details when posted. Also will be attending Celebration V in Orlando so I hope to see you there!
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! See ya next year!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey guys - Wishing you all the best for the new year! An update is only days away so thanks for your patience and continued interest in my work. Enjoy the Holidays!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pain is all you'll find here....

The Dark Lord of Pain - Darth Sion.

It didn't take much arm pulling for me to decide this chanracter needed to be sculpted - as soon as I saw the character skin rendering from Lucasarts I didn't hesitate. But you guys know all this from my previous post - I do plan on making another version of Sion as he originally appreaed in the KOTOR game so looking forward to posting some WIP soon.

Hope you enjoy the images! Many more can be seen at my Flickr page...


By the way...I'm almost finished with two more pieces...Jarael in Spacesuit from KOTOR and Aayla Secura from the Republic Series...a couple WIP images seen below. Take care!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Siths of a feather, flock together...

Hey peoples!

Below are featured two customs relating to the ancient Sith religion. Different degrees of completion, one has begun to be painted while the other is in it's early stages of sculpting.

Darth Sion is an ancient Sith Lord originating from the early days of the Old Republic, thousands of years before the Yavin battle. Sion is the Lord of Pain...and his body represents his agony and devotion to the dark side power...any other being would die from such trauma...Sion chooses to live in the torment and gain strength from the Dark Side.

This version of Darth Sion is seen from the character skins found in the video game The Force Unleashed. If you are familiar, you know just how awesome his character is...for those who don't, I suggest you go to youtube and look up Sion in the Force Unleashed to see what I'm talking about...When I saw this version I blew me away...exactly how I pictured Sion to be...almost zombie like, with and "undead" color scheme and lifeless expression. After seeing that, this is what I came up with...

Sion's sculpt has been completed and a coat of gray acrylic has been applied. I use Testors Floyqil acrylics - tried using enamels back in the day but not a fan in terms of customizing figures. So far I'm about mid way of completing the paint application on Sion and am very pleased! Hope to post some completed images next moth...perfect for October spookiness!!!

Next is a custom I have been tooling around with for a very long time...this is a possible beginning to an "Ultimate" Darth Vader which would include removable head gear, battle damaged armor and armor "variants" which is the different armor versions from all three films. Presently I am working on an Empire Strikes Back version of the Sith Lord. As far as articulation goes, I hope to give him as much as I can without hurting the feel of the sculpt. I have in mind an alternate lower torso and legs which would allow him to sit in his meditation chamber...a custom dio I am also presently tooling with. Enjoy the pics...

So you see, I'm very early on with this custom...

The body has original parts being used from the Legacy version of Vader by Hasbro, along with some major sculpt work.

Shoulder armor is sculpted and is a removable piece (ESB version)

The head sculpt is a two-part face plate and helmet - The face plate is a modified version of Gentle Giant's bust up version, while the helmet is an original sculpt.

Breathing controls and belt also from the bust up and will be repainted...

So this piece isn't going to be a complete sculpt...I'm having a little help from my friends so to speak. Hey...if the parts work, why change them!!

If you haven't seen any of my other updates I have posted on custom boards, you can see them always on my Flickr page...

Enjoy the updates - I will have more finished work to show you on my next post.

Take care!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to sculpt a snake...Metal Gear Solid Custom Work

I've taken a hiatus from customizing for a number of weeks to celebrate the birth of my new nephew...but back again to revisit some of my older work that I have yet to complete. A subject of work that isn't Star Wars related that i have taken a keen interest in is Metal gear...mainly centering around the periods of MGS, MGS: Snake Eater and MGS4.

Below are some images of my custom work relating to Metal Gear, most of which have not been worked on since the photos were taken...about a year ago! I'd say it's about time to get to work!

Some finished painted head sculpts of Named Snake, Snake (Zombie) and Big Boss - All of which has a special removable accessory - a cigar!

Above is Gray Fox, also called the Cybrog Ninja - Heard he may have a role in the next Metal Gear. This custom will incude an alternate head sculpt and an alternate arm both seen in the above photos. I'm using a microman figure as the base.

From the Metal Gear: Guns of the Patriots universe comes Raiden. Sculpted on a Microman body, this character will require an emense amount of detail. I may have to forego the clear shoulder armour in exchange for articulation - I haven't decided yet. I really look forward to working again on this piece :)

Vamp from MGS4 - First things frist - I'm loosing the hands...just don't like them for this sculpt. Secondly I plan on extending the waist line a bit. I've actually began working on his legs and feet but haven't had a chance to photograph my progress - perhaps in a furture blog entry :)

Next is "Old Snake" from MGS4 - Sculpt is coming along fine but I am still struggling with the questions...Should I sacrifice detail for articlulation? Snake is an action hero...but it's the outfit that makes the character...anyway, as you can see, his ammo packs are coming along nicely - have started on the legs...but again, not photographed as of yet. I am happy with the head sculpt and paint work so far...

Johnathan from MGS4 - Quite a ways to go with this character. Suffice to say that there's many parts of this sculpt that will be getting a workover - for instance the arms and hands - out of proportion with the upper torso. The head sculpt is complete and I think the legs are coming along, I will have to sculpt larger jump boots.

The PMC troops from MGS4 - I'm actually doing 4 of these guys...a Grunt, Sniper Unit (2) and another I have't decided yet. Detail again is a MUST - Head sculpt for two of the soldiers are complete and will be interchangeable. I'm actually using the camera that is included in the game to take reference shots to use for my sculpt work! Your a great photographer Snake!
Speaking of Snake - I have NEW IMAGES one sculpt that is complete and has had it's first base paint applied. Snake from Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater will have an assortment of different head sculpts, camo options (just the head sculpt not the body) and weapons. Below is an image of the completed sculpt - the upper body will be removable to fit a shirtless torso still in the works! I am also working on the "Crocodile Disguise" head dress as an altternate accessory :) Enjoy!
I have pleanty more Metal Gear in the works - Raven, Liquid and more are planned. I'll have another update much sooner than this one promise! Thanks for looking!
These and more images can be found at my Flickr Photostream...

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Scale, New Challenges - Terminator Salvation T-600 Endoskeleton

I've always intended to work on larger scale custom's been several years now but nothing had struck my interest enough to go forward...that is until I witnessed this massive beast of machinery that was introduced at last years comic con for the movie Terminator Salavtion. Now say what you will about the movie - plot holes, corney ending, whatever - you have to admit, this machine rocked! The machine I'm speaking of is the T-600 endoskeleton - and after about a month of work invested into this custom piece, I am asking myself....WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! This is no custom picnic! This guy will probably be the most challenging piece I have ever worked on...but challenging is the magic word and is the reason why I am very enthusiastic about completing not one, but two of these massive machines.

The figure will be inscale to that of the NECA T800/Terminator 2 figures recently released. Actually, I am using a dismantled NECA T-800 as the base work for the figure - casting each piece then manipulating the parts to fit the size and framework of the T-600 which, when finished, should be roughly 1.5" taller than the T-800 endoskeleton figure....and much more massive. I will be casting each new piece created for the T-600 in order to create a second...or even thrid version of the machine.

The first set of images below is work in progress of the T-600 Skull - Sculpted in Aves FIXIT, it is definately a must for using a magnifier! Want your eyes to cross, try doing this work without one LOL !

Now onto the torso - Each piece is being resized and resculpted so it's a major undertaking! Pictured below is the WIP of the skull, neck and torso. I hope when I complete the neck and make a cast from it, I will be able to segment the pieces and create a "bendy" spinal column leading from the skull to the torso :) The chest plate and back still have a lot of work to be done. Then will come the arms and legs...that's a while off.

Finally a shot of the finished T-600 skull primed with a dark gray acrylic paint. I'll probably finish the paint application to the skull before moving on with the torso. Hope you enjoy the pics!
As always - More images of the above T-600 WIP can be seen on my Flikr Photostream at