Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Leather and Combat Boots - Sian Jeisel

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

I have many finished figures to shoot over the next several days so I'm excited about the updates that are upcoming in the weeks to come. I wanted to start off with one of the finished pieces that wasn't originally in the lineup to be completed this soon. For some reason I was hit with a sudden surge of inspiration to bring Sian Jeisel to fruition.

Those that are unfamiliar with the Jedi Sian Jeisel, check out her Wookieepedia link.

Began this figure I'd say about a year ago - and no, it didn't take me a year to complete...none of my figures do. Most of you know I work on several...and I mean several different projects. I think that if I was to clear my workbench out and only focus on the completion of one figure from start to painted finish, it would take me 2-3 weeks...mind you that includes the time I spend at work each day. Anyway, that is beside the point - I'm glad I took my time. She has good articulation but a bit limited at the hips...which makes little difference to me, I wanted this figure to have..well,...a "figure" LOL! She possesess just enough articulation to come across as a kick ass lady Jedi with some sex appeal to boot.

By the way, what's with all these lady Jedi walking around in next to nothing or tight leather outfits why the men have to sport those heavy robes? I'm not complaining but you know what I mean...anyway, onto the images...

Jeisel measures about 3.75" high - sculpt with Aves FIXIT sculpt and painted using Floyquil Acrylics.

Shoulder armor can be removed if needed and is free moving on the shoulder using a small clear band which straps the armor to the arm.

Detail of the face reveals the rough texture of the Devaronian skin - "furry" :)

I wanted Jeisel to have a figure - with a slender waist and slightly wider some "attitude" to the figure in my opinion.

It was awesome to revisit my K'Kruhk sculpt...and I'm happy to see the scale is close to being accurate! Nice to see these guys together...

Another scene taken straight out of the Republic comic book by Dark Horse - Sian Jeisel and Quinlan of my older custom figures :)

Finally one more team-up - this time with Aayla Secura, another Jedi from the pages of Republic, and a sculpt I completed last year.

As always, I need a scale shot...

Alright...a quick update on some of my other works in progress...first is Lumbra. A space pirate seen in the Dark Horse comic series Dark Times who is close to being completed. Below are some completed sculpt images, along with detail shots and a closeup teaser of the head painted :)

How about some very early works in progress...starting with two of the most wanted cantina figures from A New Hope...The Tonnika Sisters.

Below is an image of the articulated plastic armatures...I've already began sculpting and will be making additional adjustments to height and proportion as I go. I should begin working on the head sculpts soon.

Another update is a work in progress image of Darth Yuln from Star Wars Legacy. Again you see how I build the figure - creating a working armature, then sculpt. I've began working on the head sculpt, shoulders, torso and lower abdomen.

Here's a challenge - Starkiller under Cybernetic Reconstruction. This was one of the additional costumes you could purchase while playing the Force Unleashed. With an open body cavity, tubes and flesh draped machinery, this figure will be an enormous challenge to pull off and once finished will be extremely detailed.

The figure's armature is getting close to completion...strange looking right? The legs need some work but the upper body is complete. Not much to show but hoping for a nice progression over the coming weeks and months.

Darth Malgus from The Old Republic theatrical trailers "Decieived" and "Hope". I've been wanting to get to work on this figure since this Sith Lord made his debut - I have seen some outstanding customs by other artists and can't wait to get to work! Malgus will have two different head with and the other without the respirator. I chose a couple figures combined to give me the articulation and body frame I need. Not much to the work in progress image but it's a start right?

Finally a comparision shot of the Hasbro Embo which I finally got to purchase yesterday along side my sculpt of the same character...Hasbro did an excellent job with this figure!!! Mine of course is a "Real World" version of the bounty hunter so many of the physical differences is purley in the translation from animated to "life-like". I'm working on the lower legs and will begin adding additional detail to the figure soon - thanks to Hasbro for the bowcaster and daggers! Saves me the trouble of making ones myself! Not to say they won't receive a light wash of paint before I'm done :)

And that's it folks - I'm Spent! LOL! PLENTY MORE photos of Sian Jeisel so head on over to my Flickr photostream for more Jedi eye candy!!!

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome!

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Alright guys - Have a Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks for the blessings you and your loved ones have been given this year!