Thursday, May 21, 2009

Works in Progress...Part One

Happy Memorial day to everyone! Take time this weekend to remember all those brave men and women whose ultimate sacrifice has given us the our freedoms.

I've got plenty of works in progress to update you all on - so much so that I have broken it up into two parts....possibly three...

To those of you that are not familiar with my custom work, I sculpt within the 1:18 scale - roughly equivalent to the 3.75" Star Wars/GI Joe figures Hasbro produces. "Roughly" because I use the scale originally taken by Kenner's POTF line back in the early 90's when the Star Wars figure line was being rejuvinated....and it seems that scale has reduced over the years but I've tried to remain consistent.
I began working with Super Sculpty but quickly turned to AVES FIXIT sculpt and have been hooked ever sence. FIXIT has a limited work time...about 4 hours...afterwhich the mixture begins to cure and limits the workability. For this reason, I work in small amounts at a time...piece by that I can get the most detail without being rushed. Because of this, I work with many...and I mean many subjects at one time...each at it's own pace with it's own challenges. This keeps me interetsed in my work and helps stimulate my creativity without the worry of burnout or bordom.

Alright..ENOUGH! On with some of my Works in Progress..

Jedi K'Kruhk from Dark Times...WIP

Harll from Star Wars Republic..(yes, I spelled it wrong in the image...sue me LOL! )

Choka Skell Yuuzhan Vong Warrior from Star Wars Legacy - Early WIP...
and finally for part one...a parting shot if you will...from my Deliah Blue WIP...

She's still got a lot of work to be done! The head sculpt has to be redone and the joint work is being updated...but this shot was just too cool to pass up!
Stay tunes for more WIP next week- as always, more images of the customs you see here are available on my Flickr photostream...check it out!
I will be adding additional commentary to my WIP images on Flickr so be sure to check that out as well.
Thanks for your continued interest in my work! Comments and suggestions are always appreicated!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A "Syn"full bounty hunter indeed!

Let's face it - I' m hooked on Star Wars Legacy - God help me, I know I have a universe of Star Wars characters to choose from as far as sculpting goes but it's the charaters from the comic series Legacy that have peaked my interest.
After the completion of Cade Skywalker, it's only natural that I would be determined to include the rest of his crew of bounty hunters...Deliah Blue (still a work in progress) and Cade's right hand man, who by the way is handy with Vong thud bugs...Jariah Syn.

See many more pics of my finished Jariah Syn over at my photostream on Flickr
Hope you enjoy - Please let me know any questions or comments!
Stand by for more over the next couple days - I have many projects in the works so much to share with you!
Take care!