Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A "Syn"full bounty hunter indeed!

Let's face it - I' m hooked on Star Wars Legacy - God help me, I know I have a universe of Star Wars characters to choose from as far as sculpting goes but it's the charaters from the comic series Legacy that have peaked my interest.
After the completion of Cade Skywalker, it's only natural that I would be determined to include the rest of his crew of bounty hunters...Deliah Blue (still a work in progress) and Cade's right hand man, who by the way is handy with Vong thud bugs...Jariah Syn.

See many more pics of my finished Jariah Syn over at my photostream on Flickr
Hope you enjoy - Please let me know any questions or comments!
Stand by for more over the next couple days - I have many projects in the works so much to share with you!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

Amazing. It's hard to believe these are in 3" scale. That Jariah head sculpt is freaking awesome -- it looks so lifelike! Cade's awesome too -- remember seeing him at Rebelscum a while back. You never cease to impress, Sithfire! Keep up the incredible work!

Anonymous said...

You have honestly destroyed the credibility of the "artist's" that Hasbro employ's. You really have a special gift and I am glad to get the chance to view one masterpiece after another. This might sound korny and sarcastic, but it's nothing more then mad props and brutal honesty. Please continue to inspire the rest of the customizing community!

Anonymous said...

As always Dayton,you never cease to amaze! Great work!!! Someday I'd love to see one big group photo of all yer' finished customs posed together.

Road Warrior said...

Fantastic! Great work Mr. Allen.