Monday, December 26, 2011

Final Update for 2011 - What's coming in 2012!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season! Looking forward to the new year! Thanks to all of you that showed so much interest in my last posting! I appreciate the comments and suggestions! Today I've got a number of updates to go through, mainly that of the 1979 Alien series...but I was able to throw in a few Star Wars updates as well. So many projects I have planned for the new year - very excited!

And speaking of the new year, on top of the projects I'm already committed to, I'm planning to take on a few new 1:18 lines for 2012...a couple of them I've already began work on!!!

First up will be a series of figures from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy!

As you can see below, I've already began work on Bane from the upcoming "Rises" film...Just using the super sculpty to get an idea how the mask will appear on the casting...The casting you see will be resculpted to the likeness of Tom Hardy before sculpting the mask seperately. Presently, nothing close to final.

The 1:18 scale Bane will display the overcoat seen in the trailer, an alternate torso without the coat and will have switchout sleeveless arms.

Still trying to decide what other 3 characters from the trilogy I will begin working can rest assured Batman and the Joker will be included - just not sure which versions yet. Perhaps I will do a poll on my facebook page...

The next series of figures I will be working on in 2012 are from the upcoming Ridley Scott film - Prometheus.

I've already begun working on Elizabeth Shaw - the heroine of the film. The other characters I will choose as character developement becomes more clear- I'm sure Charlize Theron's character will be part of the lineup. Thank you God!

I'm struggling right now to figure out how to tool the helmet for the environmental suit. I'm having to borrow existing parts for this step - right now I have a Clone Wars space helmet and a dome from a Kubrick figure...

The Clone Wars helmet resembles close to what appears in the trailer and can be modified but the appearance of the head sculpt underneath becomes badly distorted - something I don't want.

The Kubrick dome is clear, close to the shape but not rounded enough and a bit too wide at the can't always have it EXACTLY correct right? I'm thinkin' about going with this version...may be a bit too wide but the clear appearance is very important. If any of you know an alternative way I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me :)

The final line I will begin work on in 2012 will be from Blade Runner!!

Oh this is long overdue!

I can't believe a toy company hasn't invested time in making a line from this film! (Hello NECA!!!) Guess it's just not part of the popular culture these days...although every science fiction film that has follwed has tried to immulate it one way or another. No matter - I'm excited to begin work on several 1:18 scale sculpts of the following characters...

Deckard - With and without overcoat, alternate "distressed" head sculpt....distressed meaning beaten LOL!

Roy Batty - With and without overcoat, shirtless alternate torso,alternate "distressed" head sculpt - same idea for the distressed sculpt as with Deckard.

Zora - I'm tempted to do a Zora "dancer" and then a second sculpt as she appeared when making her ill faded get away. Expect both to be in the works - can't help it :)

Pris - her first appearance. I'm sure that I will do another version later down the road as she appears in J.F. Sebastian's home...

finally Rachael...I like the version of her when she first appeared at Deckard's apartment..but I may take on her initial appearance while working for Tyrel. I would like to do an alternate version with her hair down as well...

Too many facinating characters I didn't mention in the line-up (Gaff being one of them)...they will have to wait till the second series - can only begin so many projects in one year - If you haven't guessed yet, I like staying busy.

Now onto some Star Wars updates!

Just finished reading issue #3 of the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars: Dark Times -"Out of the Wilderness" arc. Dass Jennir has been a pinacle jedi character to develop post order 66 in my opinion - Hope when he eventually goes out he goes with a bang!...maybe he won't go out...who knows. Anyway, without giving away the plot, in this issue Dass pulls a "Clint Eastwood", riding the back of a horse-like beast, charging with lightsaber in hand toward a squad of slavers to rescue a lady-friend of his...This panel is epic - DOUG WHEATLEY YOU'RE ARTWORK IS GENIUS!

So being inspired by the incredible artwork and fantastic writing, I've decided to work on a second version of Dass - This time complete with his own horse...or beast...whatever the name of that animal is LOL!

The horse you see in the photo is from the Indiana Jones line - purchased quite a few of these when I began the Dollars line earlier this year - which by the way is still in the works. This piece will be reduced and retooled to create a skeleton similar to what I create with the other figures...only this will be my first beast! I will lengthen the legs and neck a bit, elongate the muzzle and sculpt the creature as it appears in the above image. Dass will come complete with all his gear, a saddle, his lightsaber and blaster pistol.

The head sculpt you see is from my first version of Jennir...this new version will have an entirely new head sculpt. I also completed the body frame for the new Jennir just the other day, giving additional articulation to the torso and upper legs - so to look more natural on horseback.

Onto another Star Wars character that has been sitting on my workbench far too long now - K'Kruhk - The Whiphid jedi as he appears in the early issues of Dark Horse comics Star Wars: Dark Times. I began this figure a couple years ago, made good progress very quickly but my interests wandered and found myself tabeling this big guy to only work on him from time to time...well, no more. This guy is ready to be completed - The sculpt is almost finished and these two alternate head sculpts below are being worked on as you read this. Can't wait to show you the final result!

Another popular Star Wars character in the works is Boba Fett - Been working on and off on his jumpsuit, a little here, a little there...imagined having removable upper body armor but not sure if that will happen now...perhaps and alternate upper torso maybe? I really like the jumpsuit look especially when the alternate head sculpt is attached (not shown). Look for some more frequent updates to this bounty hunter :)

My final Star Wars update for the year is the very popular Old Republic jedi Satele Shan. If you are playing the recently released MMO you will know who I am talking about. The upper body is in the process of being built - completed the head sculpt to closely resemble Satele as she appears in the "Return" trailer, at the same time capturing the look of the real Satele - Sno E. Blac.

I plan on doing a few more Satele head sculpt and additional paint attempts - I'm happy with the one shown above but would like to try a lighter hue to the skin tone...want to lengthen the hair that drapes down in front as well. She'll be a great adversary to Darth Malgus!

Alright...Onto the main focus of this, the last update of the year. Alien (1979)!

Ash...this figure is going very well! I am close to finishing the upper torso and a matter of fact, while you read this, the upper torso is finished and I have begun working on the waist and lower abdomen.

I've tried to capture the sags and folds of the material, the details to the uniform all the way down to the number of buttons on his shirt! Nothing exciting about Ash...No armor, no weapons, backpacks or major accessories, but this figure has turned out to be one of my faves to create so far.

This goes for all the Alien figures I will be creating - I will be using small water decals for the patches...this will be my first time using them. If they don't work, I'll paint the patches in the best I can.

Ash will have two additional torsos...Surgical Gear (where he attempts to remove the facehugger from Kane's face) and the "Robot Reveal" version - tooled to have his head fall back off the shoulders and hang from hoses down his back. This head will then be "unplugged" and an alternate head will be attached to recreate the conversation he has about his mission - the "Milk" version.

I will have to construct the table seen in the video clip above - thanks to some of my fans, I've been able to find the specs to many details on the Nostromo and have began working on that very table!!! Thanks guys! I guess in the toy industry, you would consider this version of Ash to be the deluxe figure! LOL

Let me recap who I have working for series one of the Alien line -


Dallas in Nostromo Environmental Suit!

Yes, that's Ash in the EV Suit but Dallas' head sculpt was still in the works when the EV body frame was completed. The male EV frame is thicker and a tad larger than their human male counterparts because the size and bulkiness of the suits. When building your frames, always take into consideration what you will be sculpting and let the frame reflect the build. Time to sculpt so Ash - GET OUT OF THAT SUIT!

Once the frame was completed, I began building the sculpt starting with the head. Below is the finished sculpt of Dallas in Nostromo EV Suit!

I took the existing Dallas head sculpt I created, casted it and reduced all around the face...then resculpted the leather flight helmet (at least that's what the prop was derived from.

The helmet itself is from the the Kubrick alien series, retooled in the back with the haze cleaned from inside the visor. With a little filing to the inside edge, the helmet slips right over the head sculpt and fits snug. The cloth padding under the helmet that connects to the shoulders will be reworked and given a cloth texture. The head fits very well in the helmet, with the eyes and nose just appearing over the edge when the figure sits upright. Slumped over because of the weight of the suit, gives a full view of the figures head sculpt within.

The helmets will receive complete repaints - 3 Nostromo helmets and 1 Narcissus helmet. Oh and the helmets will be removable...

The detail that will go into these four suits will be extreme!! Have you ever taken a close look at these suits? Some of the detail may have to be generalized - but I will capture as much as possible. As you read this, I have replaced the sculpted tubing from the back of the helmets and replaced with bendable tubing. I have modded the Kubrick airtank, making it longer to fit the back and drilling two holes to fit the bendable tubing. Currently working on the shoulder pads which will be molded, casted and reused for the remaining sculpts.

Now an update on Captain Dallas himself!

The head sculpt has been complete for some time now. I began working on the body frame recently. This version of Dallas' upper torso has him wearing his olive/blue drab jacket. Since the jacket is open, revealing his buttoned shirt underneath, I need to sculpt a portion of the shirt first before adding the jacket.

The finer details of the jacket's sleeves have been a bit generalized and may be reworked. The jacket has laces on both sleeves all the way down to the wrist as well on the chest. Need to find a simpler way to show the detailing of these laces since I will be doing these on several figures to come.

and finally an update on Ripley herself...

I've begun work on the upper torso. Ripley will be sculpted wearing her flight suit, unbuttoned to the stomach, exposing her unbuttoned collared shirt and another t-shirt underneath. LAYER AFTER LAYER AFTER LAYER - LOL!

Ripley's face is hidden in the photo as I am making slight adjustments to the sculpt (thanks Liko for the advice). When finished, the likeness will be that much closer than before :)

Final words on the next series already in the works...

Kane - Three versions - Flight, EV Suit and Alien Birth (gonna be fun!!)
Parker - Engineer with an alternate torso (ripped undershirt)
Lambert - Flight and EV Suit
Brett - Engineer

Going to be a fun 2012 for the hobby. Hope the rest of you have fun with your own projects! Look forward to all the creativity out there!

Happy New Year once again! Thanks to each of you who have become a fan of my blog, my facebook page - those that have had me on their podcasts, professionals who have presented my work to the masses, given me advice and work over the past year - thanks to all of you! A very special thanks to the hobbyist - they guys and girls that create "just because". To the beginners up to the advanced - it's you that inspire me daily!

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