Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finally a completed piece! Darth Maleval

Just a quick post to introduce my latest finished piece - Darth Maleval from the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars Legacy.

Maleval was actually completed over a month or two ago but I began a series of new projects and never got around to shooting the completed piece till last week. Sorry for the wait and I appreciate all the comments and suggestions you may have - please, as always, e-mail me or post a comment.

For more photos of the Darth Maleval, check out my photostream on FLICKR at

Later this month I plan on introducing you to some new projects from the original trilogy, as well as perhaps some new "non-star wars" updates.....Metal Gear anyone?


Alex Johnson said...

Bravo! The painting is perfect, and the articulation for the lightwhip is wonderful. Great job!

Road Warrior said...

Beautiful work Dayton. You are truely a master of your craft.

Carl said...


Blayne said...

Very well done. I'm curious, but are you using Aves or some other type of compound (sculpy?). The amount of detail you're able to create is utterly mind blowing/humbling. :)