Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EMBO and his hat.....

This guy rocks....period.

EMBO - Bounty Hunter

If you don't know who I'm talking about and you claim to be a Star Wars fan?... shame - get yourself to youtube or wookipedia and look up EMBO - the coolest bounty hunter since Boba Fett in my humble opinion.

Naturally I had to do a sculpt LOL! I'm not sure if Hasbro will produce a figure but no matter - My sculpt will feature a "live" interpretation of Embo...breaking away from the stylized, animated look of The Clone Wars and giving him a more life-like appearance.

Embo's hat...I have this clear plastic cap I held onto from what I believe was a yogurt container...thinking it may come in handy one day. It's a perfect size and a great surface to sculpt on - The helmet you see in the images isn't complete, I still need to add a little more "weight" and a bit more detail - but thank goodness I held onto that plastic cap! Made my work so much easier!

The hat contains a tab which will fit down onto the head - allowing it to remain in place.

The head is a complete sculpt - I will make about three seperate versions, each with different expressions...mainly in the eyes.

With the eyes, I took the tip of a graphics pencil and waitied for the FIXIT to begin hardening before I made the impressions. Much of the detail added to my work is applied in the third hour of curing - when the FIXIT is still impressionable, but not soft enough to loose form.

Had to split the upper torso in order to widen the shoulders. I wish I took pictures...because not only did I widen the shoulders, I turned them in a bit. This helps with ability to overlap the arms - like when holding a rifle - the arms no longer fight with the girth of the chest. Again , I wish I took pictures - mental note for next time.


I'm nearing completion of my Twi'lek Mandalorian - FINALLY - But after rethinking the figure, I decided to resculpt the entire torso, neck, upper shoulders and helmet...while adding an updated ammo belt and shoulder armor.

How old is this piece...going on 2 years? Will I ever get it done? LOL!

Actually yes - very soon.

Below are a couple UPDATED shots of the Twi'lek Mandalorian from the Farpoint chapter of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. If you need a refresher of how he looked before, check out my previous blog entries or my Flickr photostream.

I will be adding additionl ammo packs, as well as a bladed weapon and holster.

He will have several pairs of lekku that can connect to the helmet and be interchangeable.

I will also sculpt his head without the helmet...though I am still trying to build a concept on what he may look like.

Mon Calamari Bounty Hunter

I'm really diggin' this guy - This Mon Calamari sculpt originated from a concept sketch from the source book to Star Wars Galaxies - originally considered a "Tech Specialist", this Mon Cal has found his way into the shadows of scum and villainy to become an unamed bounty hunter.

One problem I have with Mon Cal concepts is the appearance of human feet and hands...sorry, Mon Calamari don't have such things. So I've taken a bit of creative license and decided to resculpt the boots and upper legs to fit the Mon Cal's fins...they are a bit wider and longer but not clown feet - got to be carefull with that.

The lower leg armor is a bit wider and will have ammo pouches attached. The boots aren't complete - still have a bit of segmentation to go but I'm happy how they've turned out so far.

The head sculpt is complete and casted - the original has been safetly put away. I plan on creating a few Mon Cal warriors from the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars Legacy using a similar head sculpt without the helmet.

Legacy Jedi

A couple more characters are approaching completion soon - Jedi Wolf Sazen and Jedi Shado Vao from the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars : Legacy.

***On a side note*** - When I say completion, I mean that the sculpting phase is completed - I still have to paint the darn things LOL!

Back to Wolf and Shado...

Wolf will have an alternate head sculpt with his hair pinned back.

Shado will have three different head sculpts - one with lekku behind back (pictured), one with the lekku draped over the shoulders and one with the lekku flowing free as in an action pose.

I plan on doing a second sculpt of Wolf as seen in later issues sporting a flight suit and an artificial arm...

Alright - now I'm embarrassed...I promised you a finished figure - I know, I know - No worries...he's coming in the next day or so!

Finally Darth Maleval will rise!!!

I look forward to your questions and comments!! I will post any answers here or
via e-mail.

For more photos of the above creations (many more), check out my photostream on FLICKR at

Till later!



Alex Johnson said...

Embo was awesome in Bounty Hunters! Nice to see someone taking an interest in all these side characters.

Road Warrior said...

Been away for about a month and as usual you create more epic work.

Heretic's custom toy forge said...

again not a huge SW fan, but I AM a huge Sith Fire 30 Fan! the sculpting just astounds me~