Thursday, April 14, 2011

Updates n' Stuff!

It's the weekend! Hope everyone has a good one! Thought I would kick off this update with some images showing the details I'm adding to the Darth Malgus sculpt. There is some serious detailing going on...almost wish for the Sith robes and cloak compared to what some of the Old Republic Sith strutted around in. Can you get anymore complex? Wow!

To be honest - I enjoy it. It's rewarding to see what you can accomplish with some patience and a head mounted magnifier!

I'm pretty much done with the upper body, for the exception of a few tweeks here or there. Currently working on the waist, hips and legs.

You'll notice some tweeking that needs to be made to the buttocks where the suit is uneven , also need to clean up the elbows. I think this is the most detailed sculpt - in terms of armor - that I have ever done.

Detailing to the back of Malgus' head was still a work in progress. As of this posting, the detailing is complete and the head is ready to be cast. Looking to obtain a cloak this week and and begin work on his lightsaber...or lightsabers as some would say he has two. So earlier this week I posted the first set of female and male frames which will add up to the figures I will be working on the rest of the year. Still have another set of female and male frames (5 and 5) completed which I will reveal in a week or so. Let's start with the set of female frames...and one of them is a first for me...

Female #1 will be my first sculpt based on a fan made character...I was doing a search for Twi'lek the other day and happened across this image illustrated by a user on the deviant art site known only as "Nutuna"...which is the name of the female Twilek shown. Nutuna the Bounty Hunter. I have tried to contact the user to ask permission..always cool to ask...but nothing yet. This piece was created back in 2008 I believe - as much research as I do I'm suprised I didn't come across this image sooner!

If you know who this user is please let him or her know what I'm doing and how to contact me.

Next up is the Star Wars pin up girls illustrated by the very, very talented Feng Zuh. I think I mentioned somewhere on my FB page that it would be fun to do a series of themed Dancers or Cantina "entertainers" since they are a staple in the Star Wars Universe. This is a great way to start! Images below are by Feng Zuh

I plan to build the four listed in the above set - Starting with the model Stormtrooper. I think there may be another few available but let's see what I can do with these. I've become a bit more confident in my female sculpting and want to challenge myself.

Next up are Edessa (Jarael - My fave) in armor from issue 49 of the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Nera Dantels from the Dark Horse Rebellion series. I previously announced Nera awhile back, even worked up a head sculpt of her - but other that the frame, I'm reworking the figure to reflect the look artist Colin Wilson gave her in the later issues of Rebellion.

So that's one of two sets of females I will be working on the rest of the year. I will post the second set soon.

How about what I have planned for the first set of male figures...

I was to have five figure frames ready to show but only had time to complete the four. The fifth frame will be male...just not exactly human. Actaully far from it....I will be producing a character from the Vratix species...specifically the character Spraug, an underworld criminal from the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars: Invasion.

So you can see that the fifth frame is more...complex. Very articulated too! I think it will be a first - I hope the build works :)

Three of the four in this reamining set are video game related.

The first is Starkiller in Dark Apprentice's Robes and secondly as Maulkiller from the DLC of Lucasarts Force Unleashed 2 video game. I like the Starkiller costumes..especially digging the new Darth Malak DLC and Blood Armor. And I can't get enough of the Sith Stalker which I'm already working on the Dark Lord version.
Expect many more TFU sculpts.

The other game inspired character will be the previously announced Imperial Trooper from Bioware's upcoming game The Old Republic. I will be making a set of these troopers to go side by side with the Darth Malgus figure.

The fourth character in the works will be Darth Krayt from the Dark Horse comics series Legacy: War. Which means for my 2nd set of male figures, I will have to include Darth Wyyrlok involved...Looking forward to working on this second version of Krayt.

So there you have it - half of the figures I plan to begin, work on and hopefully come close to completion before the end of the year...I really doubt I will get them all done but it will keep me busy. Similar to the second half of females, I will announce the remaining male figures in a couple weeks.

Got some work in progress pieces to report on so let's get to it!

Commander Tsalok from the Dark Horse comic series Star Wars Invasion.

I've been working on Tsalok on and off for about a year now - heavy figure..with almost every part being sculpted using FIXIT...for the exception of the hands. The hands are from the retail version of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior that came in the comic pack. His parts, combined with a ROTS wookie figure helped build the frame for this massive guy!

His sculpt is almost complete - with only the upper thigh armor, buttocks and back spikes needing work.

The first head sculpt is based on the initial introduction of Tsalok during the Battle of Rychel where the Commander killed Jedi Master Lar Le'Ung and was suprisingly spared by young padawan Finn Galfridian.

I'm loving how the horned armor turned out this guy - the tusks are massive surrounding his knees.

A second head sculpt is being worked on presently which reflects Tsalok's appearance in many of Colin's panels in later issues of Invasion - where the long, sharp teeth of the Vong commander seem to pour down from his mouth, shielding his lower jaw. These images are a work in progress- I need to thin out the sides a bit more and add the lower jar and teeth to come up and just over the upper fangs.

You'll notice I etched his tatoos into his cranium plate - didn't do it with the first head sculpt but not a problem. Tsalok is too close to completion to set him back up on the workbench so expect more updates of this monster to come.

How about those Tonnika Sisters!!! Both ladies almost have their body sculpts complete and will soon have clothing and textures sculpted. I have the lower back and buttocks remaining on one of the sisters.

My question is....did the sisters pack some heat? Where do I place a holster? LOL! You just don't walk into a cantina wearing tight body suits without some line of defense. Possibly silent weapons?..knives possibly?....

Savage is looking more and more like a beast every day! The guys is MEAN!

Curently working on the forearm armor for both versions.

Yes, Savage is short one arm - well, I have armor drying at the time of the photo so no worries! The next challenge for Opress will be the soft goods - which may be a mix between borrowed factory parts and material. Haven't decided yet.

The boots will be sculpted over the existing feet.

Next a quick update on Darth Stryfe from the Legacy series - I reduced the hips and waist to make room for the belt, armor and soft goods, but first I will complete the sculpt of the lower legs and boots. I'm also going to work on finishing the head sculpt - which is primarily the hair. Need to sculpt it in such a way to allow for neck movement but at the same time look natural. No problem right?...(rolls eyes)

Shado was clsoe to having the first coat of paint added when I decided to tear down the belt and soft goods and add ball hinged hips. This will improve Shado's articulation allowing for more action poses instead of the static limited pose he was stuck in before.

My first Starkiller sculpt is almost finished - Starkiller in Arena Combat Gear. Working on the hips, belt/holster and soft goods. Excited to get this guy painted and shooting some amazing pics!

Still working on an alternate head sculpt which resembles Sam Witwer.

I got another update coming soon involving the New Republic Shocktroopers and Metal Gear figures. Just too much to fit into one posting - plus my eyes are beginning to cross from working in front of the computer all day - no good kids! Just no good!

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Like I said, another update coming soon - a kind of "part two" of this entry. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Always more on the way!

Comments, suggestions and critique are always welcome!

Till later

and who the heck is this guy???


Julian said...

Wow! that's what I call an Update Post!
Nice female sculpts on the sisters (and the rest of them of course, but you know that already!)
Have you tried the hip/buttock sculpt articulation I mentioned to you via PM at rebelscum?

Sith_fire30 said...

Julian - Since you mentioned this I went back and read that PM once again (thanks for that) and have tried it with the Tonnika Sisters - not reflected in the blog images I posted. Will feature the results this week on my FB page -

Julian said...

Hey, that's awesome! wow. Looking forward to your updates!

Olav Marahrens said...

wow, awsome artwork here! Very amazing stuff....keep it up, congrats!