Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zayne Carrick - Fugitive in Space!

Happy 2011 everyone!

Finally am getting around to completing many of the figures I began over a year ago! LOL! Starting with my second version of Zayne Carrick...

From the Dark Horse comic series Knights of the Old Republic, written by John Jackson Miller, comes my completed Zayne Carrick as he appeared in part four of Commencement.

This completes a total three spacesuits I've sculpted based on Brian Ching's fantastic artwork with KOTOR (see above image). You can see much if his artistic style has found its way into the sculpt work. Thanks for the inspiration Brian!

Big, heavy and well worn, Zayne's suit has been sculpted and painted to appear to be a mix of woven material, leather and a lightweight metal alloy which includes a working removable helmet and PlSS (Primary Life-Support Subsystem) backpack.

Below are some very early work in progress images from about a year or so ago. The base body frame was that of a vintage trilogy Bossk figure...difficult to see within the finished sculpt.

Below is the completed sculpt, shortly before painting began.

And finally the figure has been painted and is complete!!! Enjoy the images below!!!

The figure features a removable helmet! - The helmet is made from the plastic capsule you get from a gumball machine; scored, weathered and scratched to look used and worn out.

The camera "eyes" located on the suit are made from the tips of blue lightsabers!

The backpack or PLSS is sculpted, with borrowed parts from a Boba Fett pack and additional tubing.

Below: All three of my KOTOR Spacesuit figures - Jarael, Zayne and Alek

The all importanat scale shot!!!

If your curious, the moon surface came from Plastrcut which you can purchase at your local hobby shop. Comes in two sheets, unpainted.

Hope you enjoyed the images! - That's not the end for my spacesuits! I have two more on tap to create, also from the KOTOR series. Will get into more details on these when they approach the workbench!

Visit my Flickr photostream for many more images of my Zayne figure, as well as my Facebook page, sith_fire30 creations. Only three away from 200 memebers! Woohoo!!! If you haven't become a fan, please take a moment and click the like button.:)

Thanks for all your continued interest in my work - coming soon is a completed Dass Jennir and H2 from Dark Times as well as the space pirate Lumbra!!!



Road Warrior said...

BEAUTIFUL! Excellent craftsmanship as always Dayton!

As for a character suggestion; what do you think of Cronal/Blackhole/Lord Shadowspawn?

Elias said...

Awesome stuff as always. Love that the helmet is removable.