Monday, June 14, 2010

E3: and if Unleashed wasn't enough...

Bioware introduces a second theatrical realease to their upcoming Old Republic game - The Hope of Alderaan.

The sith lord featured in this piece is outstanding...if I never play the game, I'm already a fan thanks to these fine pieces of CGI.

Amazing - Thanks to Lucasarts and Bioware for some much needed inspiration and ideas :)

You know some of these guys will be on my workbench soon!

BTW - I am in love with the lady jedi LOL! - anyone know her name?


Alex Johnson said...

That trailer WAS AWESOME!

I'm not sure what the Jedi's name is; but she might be Satele Shan.

Road Warrior said...

^ Could very well be. Now, that trailer is PURE Starwars fun to me. Now lets see a KOTOR movie- or any cgi SW movie for that matter.

Anonymous said...

You mean other than the clone wars movie?