Friday, December 12, 2014

The Blog Returns In 2015!!!

Thanks to all that have been supporting my work over the past year. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

With all the social media activity, the project work load and of course life itself, my little blog here has been neglected.

In 2015 I will make an effort to update on a regular basis - may not be once a week but I will make an effort to post no less than twice a month.

Till then, please take a moment to read the most recent article about my ALIEN 79 Project on The Verge.

The Verge - These terrifying Alien action figures will haunt your nightmares

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See you all in 2015!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Building The Nostromo - One Piece At A Time.

I'M BACK!!! I never stopped creating - just been very busy with new projects. Nice to post a new update!!!

I've been involved with creating a 1:18 scale world of the original "truckers in space" along with interiors of their towing vehicle Nostromo. The figures are hand sculpted pieces, articulated, 1:18 scale - roughly the same size as your retail Star Wars or GI Joe figures. Comes with accessories and such - imagine a modern toy ALIEN line - that's what I'm creating. I never really planned to get into scratch building any of Nostromo's interior rooms, doors or corridors - I began by just simply creating a small dio that my finished figures could eventually be displayed with. I should have known better - I don't "just simply" do anything when it comes to projects like this. Ha! So instead of going over all that has been accomplished the past couple years, I will refer you to my FLICKR Photostream for all the ALIEN goodness to this point....with some ALIENS and ALIEN 3 thrown in :)

My latest work is creating the Nostromo's Main Air Lock door as seen in the film. I started with a foam core/matte board model to get the scale right.

Then for the meat of the project, I created the vectors in illustrator and sent them to a friend of mine to have the parts cut out...

Once the pieces were cut and delivered, I added sculptural details using Aves FIXIT epoxy. I added styrene tubes and sculpted details such as the locking mechanisms to the door as well as some sculpt work to the boarder. The deep recess of the door panels were partially filled with super sculpt before molding...

Once the molds were made, I made a casting of the finished piece.

The door contains both sides - interior and exterior. Below is an images of the exterior and the custom frame I am building that will hold the door into place.

I've also began working on the build to the interior compartment of the Main Air Lock. Images of that will be coming soon. I scratch build using sheet styrene, laser cut materials and coming soon - brass etched pieces (my first time). This work is "for the love of the hobby" at the moment but I can see where I may be selling kits sometime in the future so please let me know if you would be interested. Till then, thanks for taking a look! Much more on the way!!!!

Close to completing the styrene frame build for the walls of the inner compartment to the Main Air Lock. The inner compartment will be broken down into 4 parts: both walls, floor and ceiling. Once complete with frames, sculptural detailing will begin. The figures of Kane, Dallas and Lambert are also 1:18 scale and are works in progress.

Close to completing the first of several 1:18 scaled corridors for the Nostromo spacecraft (ALIEN 1979). These corridors will vary in length, complexity...depends on what section or deck they are located within the ship. So many variants on the ship - I found this awesome video online that features the door and corridors on the's like the author read my mind.

Here are a couple images of the first completed corridor - lacking smaller details, the base (being worked on now) paint job and how about CLOSE to completion LOL!

Started a new section that leads to the Narciccus Shuttle - you can see this section as Ripley is escaping from the Nostromo, approaching the shuttle entrance.

Sculpted and replicated the padded seat railings in the Main Airlock Chamber, also scratch built the dust grate floor from sheet styrene. Additional details are being added over the weekend.

Started a new section this past week - received various laser cut pieces I designed to begin assembling the main entrance way to the Nostromo bridge. The image shows just the laser cut pieces (hastily put together for the photo - nothing glued down). I will add details using sheet styrene, sculptural and greeblie work.

and finally I decided to reboot my Nostromo galley work. The panels I originally hand made looked too irregular. I had a problem with proportion. With these laser cut parts, I have a much better starting point when sculpting the details of each wall panel...that's right, the details for the Egyptian motif (as Ron Bobb called it) will be sculpted. Once these walls are completed, the opposite side and overhead will be created.

Getting back into some more sculpt work for the next several weeks - gearing up to create the H.R. Giger Derelict corridor which will be a total sculpt job. Very excited :)

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoy working on these projects!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Been awhile but new blog entries coming soon!

Sorry for such the lack of updates - the summer has been very busy but I have plenty to update you all on concerning custom work. Be on the lookout for new updates very soon!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Happy Anniversary ALIEN! The theatrical release was in theaters 34 years ago on May 25, 1979.

To celebrate, I'd like to post several images of my work in progress involving my ALIEN 79 project - a series of 1:18 scale figures and dioramas based on the ALIEN film as well as it's sequel ALIENS.

Also be sure to listen in on an interview I will be doing with Deirdre from Rebeles in Action talking (geeking out) about the film and the custom projects I've been working on. May 25 at 3 PM eastern!!! LIVE!

Onto the images of some of my updated work - if you'd like to see more, check out my last post which was an overview of my work from 2012!

OK - So I threw some Prometheus and Blade Runner work in the mix!!!

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